I use ordinary objects and familiar places in sparse compositions. The mundane is transformed through color, surface texture, and my personal vision. The real world is a point of departure to explore my imagination and response to what I see and experience.

The still life collages begin with 4”x6” photos, that are transformed to enlarged black and white Xeroxes. Back in the studio, images are put together and printed on several sheets of paper, then glued on canvas, and the colors are randomly chosen. Light qualities, color intensities, and spacial relationships evolve creating their own unique mystery.

Landscapes began in open doors and progressed outside. Working from photos of a lake near my family’s home, I select what strikes me and I interpret nature with rhythmic brush strokes and vivid color. In contrast to Monet’s ordered garden, this landscape was spontaneous. Nature emerged where ever seeds fell. Growth patterns of the grass around the lake resembled abstract expressionist brush strokes.

Suggestions of foliage peak through the color masses, texture, and light. Seasonal changes and the time of day influenced my interpretation of the landscape. Summer was filed with bright greens, yellows, and reds. Fall had transparent violets, oranges, and blues.

In both the still lives and landscapes, the visible world is my point of departure to delve into my personal perceptions. The process of dealing with the world is fragile and subjective.